Audio oefeningen

Op deze pagina vind je:

  • audio - oefeningen die ik zelf heb gemaakt
  • muziek ( via die je helpt om je prettig te voelen.  Je kunt er echt voor gaan zitten/liggen en luisteren naar de muziek. Merk je sensaties op in je lichaam?  Vraag je niet af wat het is, laat het maar gebeuren.  Het kan ook fijn zijn om de muziek heel zachtjes op de achtergrond te spelen terwijl je andere dingen doet. 

Muziek die je helpt om je prettiger te  voelen: 

- bij sombere gevoelens. LFGsZ6ythQQ

Op internet schreef K Min Soe er over: "This is really works .... its amazing how people discover this ! I have had a long term depression. I don't even remember how long it was the last time I laughed with the real joy. I have always had doubts about myself, feeling of fears, chasing of something that I think i should be. But all these things never made me feel content. A few weeks ago, i started to watch a lot of Youtube clips about what is the meaning of life and how to find happiness. I realised that many of us always try to be something or someone we think we should be rather than the ones we meant to be. Only when accept yourself from within and be the best friend of yourself, follow your heart then you will find the truth happiness. I committed myself to live happily from that moment on. I will only do things that I love, I am gonna leave behind all those "You Should, You Should, You Should, should". It's Ok to be imperfect, its Ok you've chosen a wrong path. It's Ok to leave the job you don't like. The truth is, its never too late to change the path and start a new journey no matter how old you are and how hard it will be. Life is too short to be miserable everyday .... so live it worth!"

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- een boost voor je zelfvertrouwen. rRADWLe4xPs.  De muziek vind ik  fijn, de affirmaties gebruik ik zelf niet.